Self Service of CDM12 Industrial, CD Pro and CD Pro 2 Players

Please review the illustrated installation instructions found below. They give detailed steps to repairing your own CD players in your shop.

Please note that we warranty parts for 30 days.

For more information regarding our rebuild/swap program, please contact us on

Please visit our web site:

Contact us via phone on 248-541-6300 or via fax on 248-541-6306.

Self Service Instructions

1. Service Instructions for CDM12 Industrial Player
2. Service Instructions for CD Pro 1 Player
3. Service Instructions for CD Pro 2 Player with Turntable Motor Replacement - NEW
4. Service Instructions for CDM12 Industrial/CD Pro 1 & 2 Turntable Motor Replacement - NEW
5. Lubrication Points for CD Players
6. Factory Maintenance Instructions for CD Pro 2 Player

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